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Vivid’s DJ career began as a Electronic Radio DJ in Seattle, where he was first introduced to some of the worlds most popular DJ’s and producers. After relocating to Tokyo, he started the TURNED ON event production comapny and created an original series of branded events. After developing a large following, Vivid’s unique blend of original EDM productions and pop bootlegs would lead him to being voted as one of Japan’s top 50 DJs via LOUD Magazine in the years of 2010 and 2011.

Vivid’s first high profile remix was for Sven Kirchhof‘s “See About Me” on Germany’s top house label, WE PLAY, operated by Dabruck and Klein. Following this success, he would have his first taste of DJ Touring with several asian international gigs. Later he collaborated with a variety of artists and producers eventually leading him to his next big hit with R&B artist, Matt Cab. Dj Vivid and Matt Cab’s “Gone” released in April of 2012, and quickly ranked in as one of iTunes top 10 selling songs!

In the years 2012 and 2013, Vivid continued to focus on original productions and remixes for a variety of labels. Notable releases include remixing Korean based producer FREAKHOUZE, “Everybody Just Scream” on COLD BLANK‘s Burn the Fire records which also featured EDM superstar Deorro‘s own massive remix. Vivid also flexed his remix muscles on Alex Kenji & Richard Dinsdale‘s “Stars in the Sky” and David Jones “Rythm Alive” released off Sushi Records, all of which charted in Beatport and Japan iTunes charts. This was followed up by a massive original tune entitled “She Got It” debuting on Germany’s top electro label, Plasmapool (Plasma Digital) with support from popular EDM Djs.

During his busy release schedule in 2012 and 2013, Vivid toured asia with a total of 10 different international gigs performing at asia’s top venues for crowds of thousands. Coming off his incredible experiences from touring, 2014 continues to be a year of new music. Already at the begining of the new year Vivid has released his big room remix of France’s Teo Moss and Greg Hoffman‘s Torsion off Den Haku Records. Right off the heels of that release, Vivid released “COLOSSUS,” an original club anthem through PeakHour Records. Whcih till this day, has become his highest selling track so far!

With several more singles and remixes scheduled for release, 2014 looks to be another milestone year for Vivid.


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Vivid’s 2013 Winter Asia Tour
Pioneer Mixtrax commerical featuring DJ Vivid.


Best Vivid moments of 2012 featuring “She Got It”
Vivid After Movie from Grid, South Korea.


Vivid After Movie from XS Seoul, South Korea.
Vivid After Movie Summer Asia Tour


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